Check list with every oil change

-Check Engine Light On
-Check Exterior Lights
Tire Inflation and Condition
-Check Brake Pads
-Refill with OEM Spec Oil to the correct capacity and installing a new OEM Spec Oil filter.
-Ensure Battery, Cables, and Drive Belt(s) are in good condition -Check engine Air Filter and interior Cabin Filter are clean.

-Look over exhaust to check for anything loose, rusting or leaking.
-Changing Fuel Filter if required.
-Inspecting Radiator, Transmission and Power Steering hoses for any leaks, cracking or damage.
-Check, and top up if needed, Windshield Washer, Power Steering and Brake Fluids. As well as Coolant.

-Going over Sway bar links, Struts, U-joints, Brake Hoses, Wheel Bearings, and Bushings to ensure they are safe and in good condition.
-Inspecting the Windshield and Wiper blades.

80-120K Maintenance Guide

  • Tune up – includes spark plugs + fuel injection clean
  • Transmission service/flush
  • Differential and transfer case service
  • Power steering flush
  • Coolant system flush
  • Brake fluid check/flush
  • Brake inspection/replacements
  • Timing belt replacement